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February 26, 2017

The Test Automation Certification Misconception

by Magdy Hanna, Ph.D.

As software professionals, we all know that test automation is very critical for the effectiveness of testing of all types of systems and all levels of testing. Whether it is testing by developers or testing by QA teams, test automation is essential. Whether it is testing mobile devices, mobile apps, web apps, agile or not, test automation is critical. Test professionals are becoming increasingly interested in becoming certified in test automation. However, almost all test professionals have a huge misunderstanding of what test automation certifications entails.

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February 3, 2017

Software Testing Training - V Model

by Rice Consulting Services, Inc.

This video by Randy Rice of Rice Consulting Services describes the V model of software testing. For more software testing information like this, visit

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January 25, 2017

Omega Tester: Testing with a Team of One

by James Bach

In the movie Omega Man, Charleton Heston played a scientist-warrior left alive, and alone, after a plague kills everybody on the planet. Well, he's not totally alone. He also has to fight a lot of mutant zombies. That brings me to testing. Whether it's cost cutting or a headlong rush to "agile" development, a lot of test teams are understaffed, these days. Let me put it this way, if your test team is not understaffed then it soon will be. Many of the testers I meet are the only tester on their projects. Like Charleton Heston in the movie, the "omega tester" must be canny and resourceful. Hey, and even on larger teams, your teammates may be working in different areas of the product, or you might be spread out all over the world. You may feel alone, even on a big project.

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